Securely package your screens will protect LCDs not damaged from shipping.

How To Pack

Bubble bag/wrap and plastic trays is perfect to pack screens. Just put every single screen in the tray/bag, then use rubber bands tie up every 10 screens.

Pictures down here show you how to pack with bubble wrap. ↓ ↓ ↓

Step 1:

Lay out phone for packing (Try to put same models together).

Step 2:

Put 2 screens face to face and home buttons at same side. Then lay on bubble wrap (make sure bubble wrap could cover the whole screen and cable)

Step 3:

Wrap forword and put another 2 face-to-face screens. Continue wraping until put all 10 screens (It’s better do an extra layer wrap after put all screens). At last, Tape it and mark down model name (also write amout if it’s not 10).

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